a bit about my teaching artistry


Educational Programming Intern

During the course of my summer serving as the Educational Programming Intern at 826CHI, I created four weeks of lesson plans for elementary school and middle school-aged students. With the help of my supervisor, I developed interactive creative writing-based activities in order to incorporate an astronaut-in-training theme to encourage the 40 students participating to create their own worlds through short stories that were published at the end of the camp. 

Lesson Plan

ompass Creative         Dramatics

Education Intern

As the Education Intern, I created lesson plans for various workshops that were taught to students aged 5-13 including an intermediate acting workshop and a beginner's guide to dramaturgy. During the course of the summer, I taught 4 workshops a week at two different Chicago Park District camps. I also served as a Teaching Assistant for Compass camps where we helped students to learn and perform a show in 5 days. 

Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan

niversity Center for Writing-based Learning

Head Writing Center Tutor

As a Head Writing Center and my position before that, Head Writing Fellow, I was in charge of creating professional development workshops, called Coffee and Commenting, for my fellow Peer Writing Tutors in order to work on prevalent problematic trends in our Written Feedback, the feedback that we provide through email to writers. The  Peer Writing Tutors who this is created for range from sophomores at DePaul to professors who tutor at the Writing Center.  I have created seven Coffee and Commenting lesson plans and facilitated over 20 during my two years in this position. 

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wing Dance Instruction


While serving as President of the DePaul Swing Society, I have served as a Teaching Assistant or Instructor for several ten-week courses in different styles of Swing Dancing and Blues, as well as one-off workshops and beginner classes. 

The styles that I have taught: Lindy Hop, Blues, Charleston (Tandem, Side-by-Side, 20s, and 30s), and East Coast Swing. 

Other social dances I participate in: Collegiate Shag, St. Louis Shag, Balboa, West Coast Swing, Solo Jazz, Salsa, Kizomba, Zouk, and Waltz